Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Committee Chairman is appointed by the President of the Association and the committee is made of five members appointed by the Chairman.  By tradition, the chairman and the committee members must be current members of the Hall of Fame.  This group of dedicated members of the LATA have the responsibility for maintains the Hall of Fame display in the Superdome (Gate C, Level 200).  Additionally, the committee serves historical source for the Association.   

I.   Selection of Inductees to the Hall
      The committee considers candidates in four categories.
    1. Historical Membership
    2. Athletic Trainers
    3. Team Physicians
    4. Special Members

  1.  Historical Members:

    • The Hall goes back to the very beginnings of athletic training in Louisiana. Members in this group are researched by the committee.
    • The committee uses historical information from the NATA.
    • SEATA and discussions with coaches, athletes, others associated with the candidates.
    • The committee requires that candidates must spent a good portion of their career in Louisiana.
    • Examples of Hall of Fame Members in this category:
    • Tad Gromley - First athletic trainer in Louisiana
    • Mike Chambers - Early athletic trainer at LSU
    • Claude Monk Simmons - Early athletic trainer at LSU

2. Athletic Trainers:

    • Athletic Trainers in this category must be nominated by an active member of the LATA.
    • The ATC can make a presentation to the committee.
    • The committee uses the following in consideration of candidates:
    1. Candidate mus have served as an ATC in Louisiana for at least 8 years (required) 
    2. Performs his/her profession at a high standard
      • Calls made to other ATC's who have worked with or under the candidate
    3. Involvement in LATA, SEATA and NATA is required
    4. Attendance at LATA meetings (required)
    5. Participation in LATA committees (required)
    6. Previous awards relating to Athletic Training

3. Team Physicians:

    • At the first meeting of the LATA in discussions concerning the Hall of Fame it was decided to include team physicians.
    • It would be difficult to tell the development of our profession without including the doctors we worked with athletic trainers.
    • The candidates in the category must be nominated by an athletic trainer that is a member of the LATA.
    • The committee uses the following in consideration of candidate:
    1. Physician's active support of athletic trainers and the key role they play in medical care of athletes or the physical active patient.
    2. Interviews with the athletic trainers who work with the physician in his role as team physician.
    3. Involvement with LATA.
    4. Involvement in presentations at Sports Medicine Seminars, LATA, SEATA and NATA meetings.
    5. Involvement in Professional and Sports Medicine Groups.
    6. Participation in legislative efforts for Athletic Training.
    7. Involvement in civic and charitable organizations.

4.  Special Members:

  • In the history of the LATA individuals, not athletic trainers or physicians, made significant contributions to the development to Athletic Training.
  • Nominations for this category must be made by an athletic trainer, who is a member of the LATA.
  • Nominations for the special category must be considered by the entire membership.
II. Nomination:
    Members who want to nominate a candidate for the Hall of Fame, should fill out an application and send it to the Committee Chairman.  All nominations must be complete and submitted by November 1st of each year and sent to:

Jim "Doc" Murphy, LAT ATC 

Click here for the nomination paperwork.

III. Consideration and Notification:
  • Each nomination application must be verified to validate the candidate's eligibility for consideration by December 1st.
    • The committee keeps an ongoing list of nominations for consideration.
  • Each application is reviewed by the committee during the Hall of Fame Committee Meeting held during the LATA Winter Business Meeting.
    • All discussions of candidates by the committee are kept confidential.
    • The committee considers the inductee and his/her family and friends ability to attend based on location of the summer educational symposium..
  • When the committee completes their review and consideration process,
    1. The committee then determines if any candidate merits induction into the Hall of Fame with an annonymous vote of committee members.
    2. The Chair then submits a report the LATA President to include the total number of candidates considered and the name(s) of the Hall of Fame Inductees.
    3. The President shall then informs the honoree(s) by phone and letter/email.
  • Each honoree may receive up to four tickets to the Induction Ceremony when he/she is inducted at the Summer Symposium. The honoree also receives four tickets to the Superdome Induction in December.
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